Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thou Shalt Suffer

Only Silence remains
because I have to listen to him,
I have to listen to the silence.
I have to experience him.

You have Adhikara (ability, choice) over your respective duty only,
but no control or claim over the results.
The fruits of work should not be your motive.
You should never be inactive.
Whenever there is a decline of Dharma (world order) and the rise ofAdharma,
O Arjuna, then I appear (or manifest myself).
I appear from time to time for protecting the good,
for transforming the wicked, and for establishing Dharma, the world order.

Fall over myself don´t mean to interupt
I was miles away
Things I forgot are the footstools of God.
That´s how I behaved
I frighten myself and folded my hand as you talked to god.
I love the way you dream.

Even my most base complaint my sweet, my aims were lower
And even though all my restraint my sweet my aim was clumsy.
And even if there is only one thing I want for you...
I want for you.

Nocturnal Reverie...
from the passionate... to the murderer...

Friday, September 21, 2007

An Apprentice of Sin

Embraced by a golden cross
As silver lost its shine.
We were forgotten by a sinful god
Which left our world behind.
As an apprentice of sin I screamed at the moon
Forget your creation, human child!

Perishing souls, bring me home
For I am only mine!

Jesus Christ hates me
Refused me his forgiveness
He told me not to be afraid
When I die his brother will have me

As I reveal the open truth
The cruel taste of rain…
Release me from my misery
Pain falling from upon
Colours from a vile dawn
Crave my mind on and on!

Raging thoughts consume my mind
Vile echoes embrace my limbs
As my beliefs are bribed from upon
And angels burn within me.

A late
Nocturnal Reverie
with soul, darkness and nostalgia

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Velvet Red Ruin

My heart weeps begging for your soul
As my hunger cries for the purest blood,
Pure, like a deep oceans landscape
Always beautiful but somehow dull.

Inside, a river of hate runs
Taking over all my colours,
Dawn awaits at the closest shore.

Dark doom symbols were led to me,
Guidance through my art,
And danced beside me.
As the morbid witches take care of me,
In their palace of doom and passion
Where black is the immortal fashion.

I see no colours,
Blood red and darkness black guide me
Through cold grey.
In my den I lay.

The night grows old,
The silent waters sooth this pallid awakening!
Moonlight! embrace my death
Painless executioner
Omnipresent killing soldier.
Hope died
My soul cried
in the quest of the purest of brides.
My red blood died cold,
As cruelty treated me like her fallen son.
Nocturnal Reverie
An Ocean in a Tear.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Once a horrid man
Suffered silently.
Diabolical gestures,
Tainted misanthropy.
Destructive screams due to
Unearthly sins.

You, addicted subtraction,
Without a purpose,
Never cared for redemption,
Perfect, a pure sacrifice.

A beautiful man
Murdered silently,
His movements, epiphany,
A stained soul, a parody of a man...
He wouldn’t have his gods
Suffering for you…

Nocturnal Reverie,
And a sip of melancholy.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Inspirei-me no que vou tentando ser, a meu gosto,
no que infelizmente vejo em meu redor e me entristece.
Seremos realmente todos fruto da mesma árvore?
Reflicto sobre aquilo que muitos me perguntam e tentarei então responder da forma mais adequada. Ou não! Este espaço não procura responder às perguntas de ninguém, nem tenta ser o que cada um deseja que seja, este espaço pertençe ao cosmos, reflecte o que todos sentimos de forma tão intensa e não o desejamos, ou não nos apercebemos.
Vivemos levemente, sem intensidade... de olhos fechados, boca fechada, ouvidos tapados. Possuímos as mais perfeitas capacidades, sem retirar disto proveito algum...
Transcrevo hoje na sua língua materna, o que 1 dia me foi dito por alguém que se considerava tudo menos aquilo que realmente era, nada nesse ser Humano fazia sentido, com excepção destas palavras que interpretei ainda com menos de uma década de idade e espero que façam o mesmo com o vocabulário mais simples possível...
Por vezes, ao ouvirmos algo, essa mensagem entra, sai ainda mais rápido, não paramos para pensar no que nos foi dito. Com efeito, evito fazer tal coisa, desrespeitar o falante, desrespeitar-me a mim não ouvindo, não aprender nem respeitar...

You, and all the other bastards
lucky enough to be here.
Children of sin, spawn of the damned...
are all named for saints,
saints who are disciplined,
saints who are chaste.
You, are bearers of the curse
disciples of the cold stones.
Saints without a face,
Unworthy... of the truth, wisdom, beginning and end.

Mais um, Nocturnal Reverie...
E o pano cai mais uma vez, sobre a peça que de forma tão inesperada,

Monday, March 05, 2007

The virtue of Fear

As a wizard I am the whole of nothingness,
Loveless bites incarnate my despair within my own chaos!
Ancient beliefs guide me to fertility as
Seven angels lead me to hell,
Suffering shines for me…

I beg you… forgiveness
The sin is mine and so is the bloody rain,
Which fills the chalice of life with my own infections.

- Lord of lies embrace my call for derision
- I am what I am illusion will have you begging for demise
- Lord of flies, give me perdition, and give me lies.

Nocturnal Reverie
From the lord of lies, lord of flies,
The archangel in disguise.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The letter...

I’m sensing misery in here...
I’m writing God a farewell letter.
My actions were wrong
Through the mist, I went along…

And as I cry, in isolation
I dye my hair in vain
And while I write:
“I’ll die alone”…
I know no one is aching…

There is a void in me…
My thoughts embracing the mire
I’ve seen him watching…
Inhaling me, from inside the pyre.

Then I feel…

Sighing, through isolation….
Craving a brand new end
And as I breath
“Through life alone”…
My heart is aching.
Once more, a
Nocturnal Reverie,
pain... words born from heavenly blood